24 September 2008

Discovery Channel's The Most Evil Men in Hostory - Vlad the Impaler

This is the third documentary that I wanted from the series.The previous ones were Rasputin and Ivan The Terrible.

The first two episodes of the series was far from being informative but this one was better.

Vlad's father's nameDracul means Dragon in Romanian language hence the name Dracula means son of Dracul/Dragon.

Vlad, together with his brother was handed to the Ottomans by their father as an insurance policy to support his treaty agreement with the Turks. The Ottomans trained Vlad to be the man after his father which he did but later he turned his back to the Turks, and punished for sure :)

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super hero said...

the story of Vlad always intrigues me. he was really an evil man, and perhaps insane, but also a nationist-if you can talk about nationalism back then- seeking independence. and also he was the best friend of Fatih the Conqurer when they were kids and educated together. and it is said that Fatih left the seige front on purpose so that the pashas allowed Vlad to run away from his castle where he would definitely get killed if he didnt.

Fatih was not tolerant the second time.