30 September 2008

Book Review: Gezgin Gozuyle Rusya ve Kafkasya (2008)

I heard about this book's coming in a topic on forumrus.com board. The book is a collection of travel articles in the Russia and Caucasus region and one of the writers is also a member of the forum board.

Anyway I ordered the book online with great wonder since it was the most recent publication on Russia, the book arrived with a nice size,367 pages.

Soon after,my happiness lead to disappointment, despite its great size the book content was low-quality, most of the writers traveled to the same cities and regions! It was so boring to read 5-6 articles on Moscow ,all mentioning about Kremlin, snow..etc
It would be useful to make a coordination between book chapters other then just putting them together.

But half of the book was nice, the Kaliningrad article deserverves mentioning.

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