27 August 2008

Four Sergei Eisenstein Movies

I organized a Sergei Eisenstein movies session for myself:) with the help of this great site:

I downloaded four of his movies; The BattleShip Potemkin(1925-Bronenosets Potyomkin), Alexander Nevsky(1938), Ivan The Terrible (1944-Ivan Groznyy), Ivan The Terrible II The Boyar Conspiracy (1958- Ivan Groznyy II: Boyarsky zagovor).

I will shorty review each movie in a few sentences.
Battleship Potemkin: Silent movie about the uprising of soldiers in Poemkin Batteship in 1905 to their Tsarist officers.Well...might be a very famous movie and i know it is a milestone in history of cinema but I still found this movie boring and did not watch till the end,some scenes are unnecessarly long.

Alexander Nevsky: Prince Alexander beat the Swedish in Neva and is called by the people of Novogrod for help against German invasion. Slow tempo,again unnecessarly long scenes but this time i was able to watch till the end.

Ivan The Terrible I :Starts with crowning ceremony of Ivan and continues with his power struggle with the boyars. The most fluent one among all the four Einstein movies I watched.

Ivan The Terrible II : Starts from the point where part-I ended.Ivan is the Tsar of all Russia and starts eliminating the boyars around him. It was interesting that some parts of this movie were in color.

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