30 August 2008

The Soviet Story

The Soviet Story is a 2008 Latvian documentary about Soviet terror and Soviet-German relations before 1941 and is sponsored by the UEN Group in the European Parliament.

The documentary says that Soviets inspired Nazis about the holocaust since they invented concentration camps and mass murders long before WW2.

Also they state many documents about Nazi-Soviet cooperation before and during the war.

There are also shocking scenes about the famine in Ukraine.The homepage of the movie is http://www.sovietstory.com/

The documentary contains several interviews with victims of those days and soviet officers.


kriitinjsh said...

13th september, this movei will be shown in USA theatres. After it in all USA, Europe and Australia. Its worth to watch it.

Ulas Ergin said...

well this is good news since I could not find English subtitles,my version had hard coded Latvian subtitles:)

Dinc Arslan said...

I have watched this dpocumentary and loved it. It definitely portrays the hidden truth behind the Iron Curtain.

BTW: You can find the english subtld version through in torrent sites.