22 August 2008

Russian learning material

I've been studying Russian for 2 years [not regularly],I wanted to write few words about my experience with Russian Language teaching materials.

I have language cards from TIYDEM.It is a bunch of small cards for your pockets what has many Russian words and their Turkish equivalents. A smal CD also contains spellings of all these words.

I am also using Fono's photo dictionary and am quite happy with it.

My first text-book during my Ankara Doruk Russian courses days was Fono's Kendi Kendine Rusca Ilk Adim and I loved it! It has the best coverage,best samples. And I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is planning to learn russian.

I also own Yeni Baslayanlar icin Rusca by Alkim which is a disaster, a complete waste of money.

At some point I decided that I was not a beginner and needed deeper knowledge,especially on the 'padej' subject so I bought Rusca Gramer by Ayse Pamir who is a professor at Ankara Univ. DTCF.

I think this book is not suitable for amateurs like me,but for collage students at Russian Language departments,boring and unnecessary details with unnecessary phililogical keywords.

Fono publishing has also 3 short-story books for Russian learners.
one page of the book is in russian and the next page is its Turkish translation.I liked those books very much. I also own a dictionary from Fono named Rusca'da ilk 300 sozcuk.

I also like Russian for Beginners from Multilingual,this book has short texts with pictures,nice questions about the text.This books also has another variant Russian for Everybody but I don't have that one.

During my second Russian course we studied "Russian in Excersises", the book gives a small model and sample about the topic and gives many exercises on the topic which has the answer at the end of the book.

We also used Pulkina's A Short Russian Reference Grammer as supplementary textbook but i found its text boring.

I also own Rusca'da Hareket Fiilleri,Rusca'da Fiil Cekimleri as guide books.

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