28 August 2008

Katyn (2007) Movie

I have a very interesting story with this movie. I did not hear about Katyn massacre before. When I saw this movie in our local DVD store with cryllic letters on it,I thought it was a Russian World WarII movie so I bought it.

The film was so boring and its message was so compicated that even after watching 45 minutes of this movie [i did not finish because it was so boring] I did not get any clue about Katyn being a place or a massacre about it.

Yes, some war prisoners were killed and both Nazi and Soviet officers blame the other side which is usual for a war.After a few months while I was reading something else I read about Katyn massacre and many Polish people being killed and that light a bulb.

Anyway 2008 Oscar Nominee for best foreign movie is about this Katyn Massacre .And I think it is so obvious why they did not win the oscar.

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