29 August 2008

Parks of Moscow

Whenever my visits to Moscow happen during spring or summer I realize how green and bright is Moscow.I read somewhere [from an architect] that modern capital cities of Europe has 10 meter square green area per person and this ratio is only 2 for Istanbul and it is 55-60 for Moscow!!

Moscow has many many beautiful parks all around the city,I had a chance to view only a few of them,let me briefly introduce them with one sentence. The list is in the order I visited.

Kolomenskoye: Can be reached of with metro station Kolomenskaya on green line.This is a lovely and huge park with a beautiful green environment

Tsaritsino : Hosts the palace of Caterina-II,also a nice park with beautiful nature.It also has a metro station with its name on green line.

VDNX: This huge park contains soviet era buildings and statues with Stalinist architecture.Not a nature park but it also hosts a nice lake with green atmosphere. Also a VDHX station exists on moscow metro,the orange line.

Gorki :
The only park I had to pay to ente and the worst one :) I even do not remember what was inside. Can be reached at Metro Park Kultury,in fact Park Kultury is right across Gorki Park,but i did not have time to visit.

Park Pobedi: Very nice park again,a must see.It also hosts a World War museum but it was closed when i got there.Everyone was skating in the park even children and old-aged couples.

It can be reached through Park Pobedi station which is the deepest one in Moscow Metro and it is claimed to be the deepest in the world.

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