31 March 2009

Book Review(s): The State Tretyakov Gallery

I have mentioned about my first and second visits to Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow as well as my other visit to Tretyakov XX.Century Contemporary Art Museum.

In my second visit to the old Tretyakov Gallery I bought two books from the souvenir shop.
One of them[the one with the blue cover] is on the old gallery and the other one with the red cover is on the 20th Century Collection. Both books are hard cover but there are paperback editions also.Hardcover ones cost 90 rubles each.

The books present history of the gallery, how the collection was initially founded and how it arrived today. The books are in very good quality,I mean the paper and print.

Both books present few[they are thin books] samples of their famous items presented in the corresponding gallery.I wish they contained detailed descriptions also, but I guess that was out of scope.

I would recommend this books to everyone planning a visit to the gallery.

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