11 March 2009

Tretkayov Gallery XX.Century Contemporary Art

In my first visit to Tretkakov Gallery I was upset that I could not meet a single sample of Socialist Realism artworks, later on I learnt that the is 'one more' Tretyakov for this.

In my second visit to Tretyakov, I got information on how to access to this other gallery thanks to the English speaking lady in the information desk. In the souvenir shop of the museum I bought two books both titled 'The State Tretkakov Gallery', one for the traditional one and other for the gallery of modern arts.

So I visited the 20th Century Collection on the Krymsky Val. Unfortunately I was not satisfied,I was hoping to see more products of Soviet era, there were only a few paitings and 2-3 sculptures. One nice sample is the famous paiting showing Lenin working on his desk. In this site, there are many works listed in Tretyakov but I could not meet many of them.

The most important gain of this tour for me to meet Tatyana Nazarenko works. The night before I visited the gallery I was reading one of the two books I bought from the souvenir shop of old gallery. The below photo attacted me since I realized the The Arnolfini Weedding on the upper left corner which was very interesting but the book was not giving any details. In the exhibition I faced the paiting.
It is interesting, from the painter's own site I learnt that it is a self-portrait from 70s. I still wonder that this van Eyck piece doing on her self-portrait. Was Nazarenko also pregnant when married? what does the formation of her arms and hand tell us? Please share me if you know a link regarding these info.

I recommend you to visit her site, she was not only very nice paitings but also very good photos.


Anonymous said...

but Arnolfini does not have a beard in Van Eyk's version

Ulas Ergin said...

oh! i really did not notice that.Thank you.what does it imply? do you have a clue?