02 March 2009

Museum of USSR Army

On a snowy Moscow morning I visited the Central Museum of Armed Forces[also known as Museum of USSR Army] on M. Tsvetnoy Boulvard, localted on the Soviet Army Street No:3

The museum looked nice it has lots of photos and stuff concerning Red Army, starting from 1900s I guess.I can only guess because there was no single piece for paper written in English. I guess the museum is intended for ex-Soviet citizens[Russian speaking geography] only, every item was described in Russian.

I must admit that the old lady in the entrance was the most helpful Russian I've ever seen in such places, she desperately tried to help us but we were out of luck :)

I still list the museum as a nice place to see,it still has valuable pieces.

The english web page of the museum.
The wikipedia entry for the museum.

The upper photo shows the museum building while the below one shows the vehicles cleaning roads in front of the building.


Dinc Arslan said...

Have you seen the wreck of the famous U2 plane? When I visited there on several occasions, the cold war exhibition was closed...

Ulas Ergin said...

I've seen a plane wreck but it was from WWII I guess,this place should be visited with a Russian speaking person.