03 March 2009

One more time in Tretyakov Gallery

I have visited the largest collection of Russian arts, the State Tretyakov Gallery before but I was unable to see the Icons hall since it was closed at 17 o'clock. So this time I payed another visit to the temple of Russian art in Moscow.

As before several halls contain good samples of Russian paintings, I personally liked Repin for his portrait works which looked like photos, Nikitin and Shishkin are also to mention.

Special interest is needed for Ivan Aivazovsky who visited Istanbul and has nice works on Istanbul [including Maiden's tower,Golden Horn and a few others]

This time I was able to see the Icon Halls, the gallery has a very large collection, some of the pieces were brought from Constantinople[guess where? :) ]

There were also halls for sculptures but since the gallery is huge, my interest in arts is mainly on paintings and i was already tired, I simply skipped them:)

Coming soon: Tretyakov Gallery XX. Century Contemporary Art on Krimsky Val

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