27 March 2009

Movie Review: Girl with a Pearl Earring(2003)

This movie is rather old[2003] and I've seen it sometime ago but i was suprpised that many people that I mentioned this movie about have not seen the movie and some even haven't heard of it.

It is a very nice movie and especially valuable if you are interested in Flemish paitings or painting art in general.

The movie is about the story of a painting of Dutch master Vermeer which gave its name to the movie also.
The maid of the house poses for Vermeer for the painting which causes problems with the wife :)

This is the movie that made lovely Scarlett Johansonn well-known[at least for me :)], on the left is the original paiting and Scartlet,note the great similarity.

Anyway if you have not seen it :Watch it!

Here is the IMDB link and here is a link on Vermeer.

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